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    Choose from 8 practical, actionable programs to help your managers master the most important leadership skills

  • Every Lighthouse Lessons Program Includes: 

    Each program curates essential data, insights, and actionable advice to level up your leaders


    🍿 Bite-size, weekly lessons

    We're designed with the busy manager in mind. You receive one, ~15 minute lesson per week, giving you plenty of time to digest the lesson, while experiencing the benefits of micro-learning.

    🏃 Weekly actions to take

    Deeply understand each lesson by putting it into practice with your team by applying our "Action of the Week." You can see improvement starting in week 1 and every week after.



    🧑‍💻 Practical advice & concepts

    Lighthouse Lessons are developed in partnership with real managers like you. Our lessons focus on the challenges of today's workplace, giving you practical tools and strategies that really work.

    🔗 Group Discussions to go deeper

    Our Group Discussion Agendas help your managers build bonds, support each other, and talk about important topics that often go unspoken all with no prep required.



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    "Lighthouse Lessons is full of valuable and actionable lessons on how to be a better leader and manager.


    It also offered our managers, across departments and teams, the opportunity to build camaraderie and grow together as a peer group.”


    - Nathan Broslawsky, VP Engineering, SmugMug

  • Your Lighthouse Lessons Course Choices

    Choose the program that fits your training needs, or reach out for custom program options

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    The Coach's Clinic

    Great managers are great coaches. Learn how to give praise that motivates, and feedback that creates high performing teams.


    Across 12 super actionable lessons, you will learn:

    - The Key Difference Between the Best and Weakest Teams

    - How to Give Praise in a Variety of Situations to Maximize Impact

    - A Step-by-step, Proven Process to Help You Turn Around an Underperformer

    - How to Give Feedback that Leaves Your Team Members Energized


    ...and much more in our highest rated program ever.


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    The 1 on 1 Master Class

    Learn how versatile & valuable 1 on 1s are, plus how you can use them to bring out the best in your team to become a great leader.


    Includes 12 lessons on:

    - Getting buy-in for important changes

    - How to prevent losing your best people

    - The key steps to turning around an underpeforming employee

    - How to build a coaching engine to bring out everyone's best

    - Mastering managing up to your boss to help you and your team thrive


    ...and more to help new managers start their 1 on 1s, and experienced managers tune up 1 on 1s that feel low value.


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    The Mindsets of Great Managers

    Through the fundamentals of servant leadership, learn how great leaders approach problems by having the right mindset to better serve their teams and helpy everyone succeed.


    This 16 Lesson Program includes:

    - How to Be a Multiplier for Your Team

    - How to Break Bad Habits that are Holding You Back

    - The Key to Getting Buy-in by Using the First Follower Method

    - Why Great Leaders are Servants, and How to Become a Servant Leader


    ...and over a dozen more foundational lessons for new managers.


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    The Secret Habits of Great Senior Leaders

    Learn the key habits that help great leaders get more of the right things done. Learn the tactics and approaches that keep you focused on building a great future, and out of firefighting mode.


    Includes 12 lessons on:

    - Building Your Self-Awareness

    - Essential Tips for Better Time Management for You & Your Team

    - How to Find Diamonds in the Rough and Hire Better

    - Helping Your Team Manage Up by Better Managing Down


    ...and more in this program designed for rising & senior leaders.


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    Remote Management for the Long Haul

    Leading remotely is very different than being a leader in person. This program teaches you the key habits to build and actions to take to be a great remote or hybrid team manager.


    This 10 Lesson program teaches you...

    - How to overcome Zoom fatigue while improving communication

    - Keys to staying connected even when you're physically distant

    - How to remotely hire and onboard candidates effectively


    ...and much more to help you be as good a leader remotely as you are in person (or better!)


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