• Lighthouse Lessons - General FAQs 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lighthouse Lessons leadership training programs

    Interested in growing as a leader, or helping a group of managers do the same? Then, Lighthouse Lessons programs are for you.


    Sending managers to an all day training seminar sounds good on paper, but has a lot of issues:

    • Your managers are distracted by fires, requests from their teams, and day to day demands throughout the training.
    • It's hard to remember everything when you drink from the fire hose all at once.
    • It can be very expensive to bring a trainer on site, or send a manager to another location.

    Enter Lighthouse Lessons...

    Our program focuses on bite-size, highly actionable weekly lessons where you learn over 10-16 weeks at a time you choose.


    Each lesson and program is packed with the same research and best practices like you've read year after year on the Lighthouse blog on Management & Leadership, with a particular focus on helping you apply these concepts directly to your team to drive results.


    For those less familiar with the programs we've been running for the last 5+ years, here's answers to the most common questions we receive from prospective participants.


    Lighthouse Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether you're a new manager looking to find your way, or a veteran leader looking to help your fellow leaders develop, our programs can help you.


    There are a few common questions we hear often that we've conveniently answered for you below:

    1. What is Lighthouse Lessons?
    2. How long does a Lighthouse Lessons program last?
    3. What topics do you cover?
    4. What format are the lessons?
    5. When does the program start?
    6. What if I'm traveling or away during part of the program?
    7. What are others saying about Lighthouse Lessons courses?
    8. I have a group of managers that would like this, do you have a group discount?
    9. What is the Group Edition? How does it work?
    10. Can I see an example lesson? I'm ready to pull the trigger once I see one.
    11. I have another question. Who do I ask?

    Scroll down to the question you're most interested in, or read through them all. Then, be sure to reserve your spot for our next program so you don't miss out!


    1) What are Lighthouse Lessons?

    Lighthouse Lessons are leadership courses designed with busy managers in mind. We send you 1 lesson a week that teaches you a key concept to help you be a better leader.


    This includes specific, actionable advice so you know *exactly* how you can apply each lesson immediately to your team, as well as templates (where applicable) to make it easier to apply them.



    2) How long does a Lighthouse Lessons program last? 

    Each program lasts 10-16 weeks depending on the topic. Each week of a program on a designated day of the week, we send out a lesson via email at 5:00am EST.


    We encourage managers to schedule a time on their calendars to review the lesson, which gives them flexibility on when they'll read and act on the lesson, while ensuring it gets done.


    3) What topics do you cover?

    Each program has a different topic that all lessons relate to. To date, we've created 8 different programs, with our 3 most popular programs being:

    • The Secret Habits of Great Senior Leaders: A collection of tactics and approaches to help you raise you and your team's performance as you rise from a manager of individuals to managing other managers. Learn how to set your values, set expectations, and get more done as a team.  
    • The Coach's Clinic: Teaching you how to give feedback that improves performance, and praise that motivates your team across a variety of situations. We arm you with many tactics, so you you can always choose the right approach for your situation.
    • The Mindset of Great Managers: Being a good manager is more than a few tactics. It's a total mindset shift from being an individual contributor. Learn how you can get buy-in, motivate others, multiply your impact, and more. The ideal foundational program for new managers and those developing them.

    For a complete list of programs and to inquire for a group of managers to take one of these selected programs, please visit GroupLessons.GetLighthouse.com 


    What's next? We regularly survey our Lighthouse blog subscribers for future program topic ideas. If you want to suggest a program topic or talk about customization options, you can email us at lessons at getlighthouse dot com and sign up for our blog here.


    4) What format are the lessons?

    Each lesson arrives on a designated weekday morning via email at 5:00am EST for the duration of the program. We'll also provide further reading for topics that resonate with you or you want to learn more that can include videos, blog posts, podcasts, and books you can read later.

    Each lesson takes about 15 minutes to read and work on the day's action. Because the lessons are email-based, you can complete it at whatever time fits best in your schedule (and we help you figure out when that is in a special, habit-building, bonus lesson).



    5) When does the program start?

    For open cohorts, where anyone can join, each program has a 2-3 week sales window when you can reserve your spot for the program. If you came here because of clicking to learn more about how the program works, be sure to return to the purchase page now as prices go up each week through the sales window.


    Also - Shortly before the program starts, we'll send both a kickoff email and a special, bonus lesson so you have everything you need to make the most of the program.


    If there isn't a program currently running, sign up on the program page or subscribe to our blog, as we'll announce to both groups, including early bird discounts.


    And if you have a group of 10 or more managers, you can choose your program and when to start it by signing up for more information here.


    6) What if I'm traveling or away during part of the program?

    Easy. Just catch up when you get back. Since the lessons are weekly, you can review them when you return and quickly catch up on a week or two.

    The lessons are sequential though, so be sure to read them in order!


    Note: If you'll be gone for a substantial portion of the program (4 weeks or more), we recommend you wait and sign up for the program at another time when you will not miss so many weeks. Or if purchasing for a group, let us know and we can coordinate with you the best time to start a program, and potential breaks built in (we've previously done that for holiday/End of Year breaks for customers).


    7) What are others saying about Lighthouse Leadership Lessons?

    We've helped thousands of managers learn and grow as leaders in a variety of industries from tech to mining, doctors and nurses to teachers, and IT to manufacturing. Here's one such example of our impact:

    • "The Coach's Clinic helped me understand the importance of giving feedback and praise and how to effectively apply them in my day to day actions in a variety of ways.

      It has been instrumental in changes in not only my work life, but my personal life as well." - Chris Shibe, Manager of Product Support at Jornaya

    And you can see a collection of more testimonials here as well as case studies with companies like our friends at Jornaya and Textron.


    8) I have a group of managers that would like this, do you have a group discount?

    Yes. You can purchase for a group on the site for each program, or contact us here and we can work out a price based on the size of your group (minimum 10 managers).



    9) What is the Group Edition? How does it work?

    When you sign up for the Group Edition for a group of your managers, we send you, or a designated discussion leader, a weekly agenda to help spark and foster discussion with your group, all with no prep needed on your part.


    These help your managers build bonds with colleagues they may rarely get to speak with, while helping everyone share stories, ask questions, and help one another.


    Leaders have *raved* about the impact these have, so we highly recommend it for any group interested in participating in the program to make the most of them.


    As one group leader remarked:

    • "We were looking for a program to help our managers improve their 1 on 1s, and Lighthouse Lessons was a great fit. I've been doing 1 on 1s for years, and teaching managers how to lead efficient 1 on 1s as well, and even I found golden nuggets in the lessons to improve my 1 on 1s.

      We also had great group discussions where we shared what we tried, the surprising results, and supported each other as we shared our struggles.

      I highly recommend the 1 on 1 Master Class to any company looking to improve how their managers have 1 on 1s." - Christine Landry, Director of Talent & Culture at SeedBox Technologies

    Sign up for the "Group Edition" for you and your fellow managers if you'd like the group agendas for our current open program, or contact us for more information here.



    10) Can I see an example lesson? I'm ready to pull the trigger once I see one.

    Absolutely. Check out this lesson we sent during a previous program.


    Note: The example was part of a 7 day program.



    11) I have another question. Who do I ask?

    We're happy to help. Contact us any time at lessons at getlighthouse dot com.